As promised, here is the step by step tutorial to creating the table shown in yesterdays post.


Round up your supplies!
For this project you will need :

DIGS – Milligan End Table
Fancy Decor Wall Stud
[ARIA] Blair glass console table

The great thing about this project is that it is very versatile. You can create an array of different sizes and shapes to suit your space. I’ve included 2 additional options at the end of this post, but there are so many more!

  • Step 1. Rezz all of your items. Since I promised a sideboard, you’ll want to rezz 5 end tables, 5 wall studs, and the glass console table.
  • Step 2. Unlink the glass console table and delete the shadow. This makes resizing much easier.
  • Step 3. Line up your tables. In my example, I overlapped mine, but you can choose not to.
  • Step 4. Rotate your wall studs 90 degrees on the Z axis so that your left with a pyramid. At this time you can choose what height you’d like to have your pyramids, so that your glass will sit upon them. For the sake of the tutorial, I’ve chosen to leave mine the standard size.
  • Step 5. Place the pyramid flush with the top of your table. To center it perfectly, you can utilize the position coordinates within the build menu, under object.
    Step 6. Place your glass table on top of your wall stud/table duo. You’ll then stretch it to cover your creation, making sure to check the sides, as well as the top and bottom.
  • Step 6. I can’t stress this enough – LINK your items! It helps cut down on land impact, plus you’ll be able to move your new item freely, without worrying if you have all of your pieces selected. This particular builds land impact (li) will have been cut in 1/2, going from 16 prims, down to only 8 prims once linked together.
  • Step 7. Style and enjoy, you’ve earned it!!

Other possibilities :



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