We’re progressing from taking pre-built items and linking them together, to actually putting in some work ourselves!
I looked for a good 45 minutes for this lamp, before I got frustrated and just decided to take what I had and make it work.

For this project you’ll need :


  • The Loft & Aria – Lennox Floor Lamp
  • Your own sphere prim
  • The glass texture that I’ve created here (right click & save) :


  • Lots of patience.
  • Coffee.

Step 1. Rezz out your floor lamp & use “Select Face” in the build menu at the top to select the glass cylinder that is on the body of the lamp. Got it? Ok. Select the texture tab, and change the Transparency % to 100. Tada – No more cylinder!
Step 2. Rezz a sphere. My spheres have a size of 0.20603 on the X,Y, and Z axis.
Step 3. Upload that texture I told you that you would need, and apply it to the sphere within the texture tab, changing the transparency to 25%, or to your liking.
Step 4. Time to get down to business. Starting at the bottom of your lamp, move the sphere we just created to be in the center. Using the snap ruler helps with this. After placing your sphere, press the shift key on your keyboard (with your sphere still selected), and use the BLUE arrow to drag up, this duplicates your item. Continue to duplicate until your lamp body is filled! I’ve used 7 with the size I mentioned beforehand, but your numbers may differ based on the size of your sphere.
Step 4. LINK! Make sure to link your items, and name it something so that you’ll remember where your fabulous lamp is.
Step 5. Enjoy – You’ve earned it. Make sure you tell your friends where you acquired your new lamp!



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